Major benefits

Short time = Efficiency

Fun = Engagement

Memorable = Satisfaction

Intensity = Sincerity

Observation = Understanding

If you are looking for a captivating activity with your colleagues or you want to train and understand better your team in a fun way, or if simply you wish your colleagues locked down, this is what you are looking for! The adventure starts now!


What is the game about?

The team is locked in a room and placed in a new environment. They have 60 minutes and the scares resources to reach their goal: to escape! To manage that they have to find clues, solve puzzles and use their creativity, logic, skills and most of all, teamwork, as you need good communication and coordination to escape.

Why is Escape Rooms Brasov the right activity for my team?

Trough games, especially when playing intense scenarios, adults are more sincere and they react naturally, thus in 60 minutes one can identify diverse teamwork styles and how these are influencing the team as a whole. You can observe and improve teamwork in more aspects:

  • Communications – obstacles can exist everywhere but the limited time for escaping is not offering to much time for misunderstandings.
  • Problem solving  – how the team gets from defining the problem to evaluating, choosing and implementing the best one. Everything happening under time pressure.
  • Leadership – sharing responsibilities – sometimes is somebody team, other times each person is working just in his area of expertise and most time there’s just chaos. Is there anybody with a vision ? How a leader is recognized and how is he acting?
  • Decision making – When dealing with complex problems, and the team deals with
    unknown data and risky consequences, you have to take everything into consideration, including your team mates reaction.
  • Time management– see what is the approach in the first minutes of the game and pressure is affecting productivity and the relationship between participants.

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My team is larger. What can I do?

Contact us and we’ll offer more ideas : competition between rooms, simultaneous games also outdoor activities like treasure hunts. O captivate race trough the city which shows the participants more unknown facts about Brasov, is just a natural room’s extension into the city.

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