Frequently asked questions

…yes, we can read minds.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are these games?
These games that are called: Escape games, Quest or Mystery Rooms are a new kind of smart entertainment. You and a group of people are locked in a space that can be a room or more and you have to find the way out in a certain amount of time using logical thinking, deduction, attention to detail, curiosity and adventure spirit. You do not require any skill or knowledge before playing. It is a safe and controlled environment.
How do I need to prepare for the game?
No previous preparations are needed, everything is ready for you to play. As it is a very dynamic game, we advise you to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring your curiosity with you.
What happens if I can’t escape in one hour?
The game is over after one hour and the door will open – you will not be trapped there forever :).
Will the games be scary?
No, there is nothing inside to scare you. We are concentrating on a game that stimulates your brain and we just create the atmosphere specific to the scenario of the game.
Do we need to book in advance?
YES. Some days we are completely booked out. You can book in many very easy ways: by email,phone call, FB message, by filling in a form on this website, carrier pigeon,etc.
Is this a good team building activity?
We believe this is one of the best team-building activities on the market. To succeed there be a lot of team work, exchange of information, communication under time pressure. Some companies plan to use escape rooms to evaluate management as many different forms of intelligence are triggered in a restricted space.
Are you recording the game? Can we have a copy?
During the game you will be supervised by 4 cameras and a microphone in the room but we are not recording and cannot give a copy of the game for copy-write and intellectual property protection.
Can I change the dates of my reservation or cancel it?
Yes, it is possible, but please let us know with one day in advance. Please be aware that our game is a live event, so everything is prepared in advance and other players can’t book the
Is it possible to purchase gift vouchers for the games?
Yes, we can sell you open tickets to be used within 2 months. It`s a great gift for birthdays and any other celebration. For any special request please contact us in advance.
We want to play the game as our team-building activity. Is it possible?
Sure! It is a great team building activity and without co-operation with the other team members you will have little chance of getting out. Please email or phone us with your request. We can arrange more activities for your group, outdoor also.
Can you accommodate large groups?

If your group can be separated into several small groups and join the different time slots, yes. We have 2 rooms that can be played simultaneous, each with 6-7 participants inside.Contact us and we’ll offer more ideas : competition between rooms, simultaneous games but also outdoor activities like treasure hunts. A captivating race trough the city which shows the participants more unknown facts about Brasov, is just a natural room’s extension into the city. Check our More activities link.

How can I book?

Please send following information to: come[@]

  • Your name, organization/group name.
  • Number of attendees
  • Your preferred dates
  • Phone contact if possible
Can kids play the game?
Yes, and it is a great family activity! However, children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in the room supervising and taking responsibility: we have delicate objects and small parts. Children will need a guardian/parent’s signature on the waiver in order to play the game, the adult being responsible for the player and his/her actions as for the objects inside the room during the game.
Can we come film or make a photographic shooting?
YES. We are open to press in all locations: interviews, news, local TV channels, Bloggers, video clips, special teambuildings or even launching or promoting your product that can be integrated in the game. Just let us know and we will be happy to create a special event together.
Can we organize a surprise party there?
We can help you organize a surprise event, hide gifts or have your friends blindfolded. We do not sell food or drinks so you can continue the party in a different location that can offer all this but for sure the special surprise gift will be unique and memorable. Just ask!