Terms and conditions

The site www.escaperoomsbrasov.com, from now on named ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM is the property of S.C. Hello Travel SRL-D, from now on named Hello Travel, Romanian company registered at the Commerce Register under the number J40/3020/16.03.2012 and CUI 29924514.

1. Access to information on this site

The information on this site are available 24h/24h, but the access may be restricted or stopped for an unlimited period and without any notifications. Hello Travel SRL guarantees limited access for the user, for his/her personal interest on the ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site. Downloading or modifying (partially or entirely) the site are strictly forbidden, together with copying, selling/reselling or exploiting the site in any manner, with commercial objectives or against the interests of Hello Travel without its written agreement. You have a limited right, non-exclusive and revocable to create a link connection to your main page or any other pages of ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM, for as long as it does not bring any shortcoming to Hello Travel or any of its partners, only after you have our written permission.

2. Copyright
The entire content of ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site – images, texts, graphics, symbols, web design elements, emails, scripts, programs and other data – is the property of Hello Travel and its partners and it is protected by the law number 8/1996 for authors copy right  and by the laws regarding intellectual and industrial property. Using any of the elements mentioned above is going to be punished according to the law. You can use ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM only as article 1 of this document mentions it.

3. Electronic communication
Definition : By visiting ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM or by sending emails you are setting with us an electronic communication. You agree that all the communications: emails, notes, conventions, newsletters, news or any other type of information that we are feeding electronically are respecting the national and European law. Your agreement in communicating with us in this way, being just in the position of receiving information and/or sending us electronic information, represents an agreement equivalent with your signature as on any other physical document. It is considered that the agreement is  bilateral in respecting all the electronic communication, being in the scope of this document, named “Terms and conditions”.

4. Comments and other communications of the users
The users of ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site can comment regarding the site and its’ products – these comments will be published after they will be approved. Hello Travel reserves
the right, but not the obligation, of not to publish on the site comments with a content that may be:  illegal, obscene, threatening, detractor or that can bother other people personal life, breaks the intellectual property rights, contains viruses, promotes different promotional campaigns, mass mails or any other type of spam.

Hello Travel will not be responsible and it will not be obliged to support any compensations for any damages produced by such comments or communication. If sending other information than the ones related on the buying/selling/reserving process, it is considered that the user offers to Hello Travel and its associates the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and incorporate right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate and also the right to distribute this through any media channel anywhere in the world. The users guarantees that has all rights on the content he/she is transmitting to be published on this site, through any possibility, so that by using this content no other person or entity will be prejudiced. Hello Travel is not responsible for any damage that may occur when the users of this site are using this content of the comments, as they are offered as the rest of the content of this site, according to the articles in this document.

5. Cookies policy
This policy refers to cookies and web pages that are operated by Hello Travel. A cookie is a small file, containing letters and numbers, that will be stocked on the user’s computer, mobile terminal or other equipments from where Internet is accessed. A cookie is completely “passive”: it doesn’t contains software programs, viruses or spy ware, it can not access the information on the hard driver of the user and it can not conduct to personal identification of the user. The data of a Cookie are coded in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access them. Cookies have a major importance in the efficient functioning of Internet helping generating a friendly navigation Internet and adapts it to each user’s interests and preferences.
These files can recognize the user’s terminal and presents the information in a relevant way, adapted to the user’s preferences. Cookies assure a pleasant navigation for the users and are supporting the efforts made by Hello Travel to offer the right services to the users and they are used in preparing some anonymous aggregated statistics that help us understand how the users are benefiting from our web pages, allowing us to improve the site.
Generally, an application used to access web pages implicitly permits saving the cookies on the terminal. These settings may be changed so that the automated administration of the cookies to be blocked by the web browser or the user to be informed every time the cookies are sent to his terminal. Information about the administration ways and possibilities can be found in the setting area of the application (web browser). Limiting the use of cookies may affect some functionalities of the web page.
By refusing or disabling the cookies makes some sites impossible to be used and it doesn’t mean that you will not receive online promotion – but just that this advertisement will not cater for your preferences and interests, observed from your navigation behavior.

6. Products and services
Hello Travel is not offering any warranty regarding – inclusively but without limitation to – the functioning of this site, the information, the correctness of the description, updating the site, the materials or products on this site and also their fitting with a certain purpose. The users agree that using this site and buying products or related services is made on their own risk.  The images published on this site are here just to exemplify, and the services we provide may be different versus them.
Hello Travel and it’s partners reserve the right to modify the technical specifications of the products without any notification.
7. Playing games conditions
To be able to play we will need your written agreement before entering the room, about the clauses bellow:
1. I declare on my own responsibility that I was informed about the terms and conditions bellow, I understand them and I oblige myself to respect them.

2.  I agree to be locked in the 60 minutes for the game in the escape

a. The game is considered finished in maximum 60 minutes, regardless if the participants found the solution to escape or not.

b. I understand that the game is considered finished if me or the participants ask to be released – and they will be – while the price for the game will remain the same, no discounts or refunds will be possible.

c. I will respect the decision made by the Escape Rooms Team/facilitator to stop the game and not to refund any of the money in any moment of the game, if they observe that any of the participation instructions from this document are broken..

3. The games in Escape Rooms Brasov were constructed so participants don’t have to use force. I declare that I understood and I agree that any damage made inside the room will be the exclusive responsibility of the participants and they will be repaired or replaced on players’ expense.

4. The signs « 220 V » and icons « DO NOT TOUCH » mark the places or objects that participants are not allowed to touch or use. They were placed there for participants’ protection. I engage myself to respects these signs.

5. Escape Rooms Brasov games were made respecting all safety measures for assuring the protection of the participants. Any action that leads to any kind of injury will be on the exclusive responsibility of the players. I declare I understood and I am the only one responsible for myself and for minors that I am accompanying for any injuries.

6. The games of Escape Rooms Brasov are not recommended for pregnant women, persons who suffer of heart diseases, hypertension, claustrophobia, epilepsy or any other similar pathologies. I declare that I am responsible in case I decide to participate regardless the above recommendation.

7. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by one adult (parent or tutor) who will be responsible for him/her/them during the game. Photography, recording, drawing, copying or publication in any way of the rooms design or of the games at Escape Rooms Brasov (SC Hello Travel SRL-D) is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to take legal action against violations of these rights.
8. Prices
The prices on this site are the final prices for clients. If some prices are incorrectly displayed, even if we are trying to avoid this, always the final price will be the one accepted by the client after the update and discussions with the Escape Rooms Brasov personnel.

9. Links to other sites, server, browser
The ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site is hosted by the servers of a third company. Hello Travel will not be responsible for the errors that may occur on the site, no matter why they appeared, this including site changes, settings or updates. Hello Travel will not be responsible for the errors appeared because using some browsers for visiting the ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site.
Hello Travel will not hold responsibility for the content, quality or the nature of sites that the user can access using the ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM links. For these sites, the entire  responsibility will be hold by the owners of this site.

10. Final provisions
Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on ESCAPERROMSBRASOV.COM , or by the information presented on this site, and which is not already mentioned in any of the articles of this document, will be resolved in an amiable way in 30 working days since the request is sent in written by the user.
If the conflict is not resolved on an amiable way, the competence of solving this is to the Romanian judging instances or another alternative institution for solving disputes, agreed by both sides.

By agreeing with these Terms and Conditions of the ESCAPEROOMSBRASOV.COM site, the client assumes all the risks.